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LectureMaker« Event and Studio Productions, Web Platform as a Product Technologist

LectureMaker« Event and Studio Productions, Platform as a Product Technologist

Ron Fredericks is the principle video producer, new media website architect, and public speaker at LectureMaker’s Sunnyvale CA studio. He is seeking new projects and long term engagements where his video studio, software technology, and high tech community engagement are useful to business, education, and engineering goals.

Ron has been developing business video under the LectureMaker brand since 2001 with live event recordings and developing video support web platforms in PHP. He has also worked as a web platform product manager, technical marketer, application engineer, and sr. safety critical engineer for the embedded systems industry. He expanded the LectureMaker brand again in 2004 with marketing, sales, and training webinars while building online ecosystems for engineers. LectureMaker LLC is the new business media studio Ron co-founded in 2009 to address the emerging demand by business to create and distribute highly effective sales, marketing, and training videos for the web.

Ron Fredericks, New Media Publisher, LectureMaker Video Studio
Sunnyvale, CA  94085  ~  (408) 390-1895  ~  RonF@LectureMaker.com

Ron Fredericks is LectureMaker’s video studio co-founder and web platform technologist. He has used Internet video to enhance social networks for two startup companies and managed the design and rollout of new social services at Intel’s Wind River and Motorola’s Mobile Devices. He has used user groups and community engagements to help integrate previously isolated scientific, technology and business communities from United States to the sovereign states of the Soviet Union during its dissolution as an editor for two respected high-tech community journals: DECUS Magazine and Software Forum. He attended the University of Minnesota’s lab school for gifted elementary school students, Punahou’s high school, and University of California at Berkeley’s Biophysics Program. He is the co-author of a market disrupting patent in mathematical modeling for infrared spectroscopy. He is the developer of a video distribution platform that streams big video payloads with automated navigation technology that allows segments of big video to be managed as unique eLearning elements. Overall, he has introduced new ideas into the marketplace that organize communities into new profit centers.


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