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Each issue contains topics on how to leverage the exciting new possibilities digital multimedia can bring to your business, products, people, and brands.

  • Create, publish, and promote videos, podcasts, and webinars
  • Digital multimedia techniques for sales, marketing, research, training, and technology updates
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  • Video enhanced social networking for business
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Ron Fredericks, The Lecture Maker Newsletter, Editor-in-Chief:

Ron has been a videographer, social media designer, and video studio director since LectureMaker LLC was formed. He sponsors a Toastmasters club called Blue Cube where he has earned his Advanced Communicator public speaking award while helping others to become better public speakers and leaders.

Ron was the editor of Software Developer Forum (SDForum.org) newsletter for three years where he managed content from up to 30 Silicon Valley special interest groups each month, interviewed Silicon Valley leaders in the software industry, and authored many articles on the business of software development. He was also the technical editor for Digital Equipment Corporationís User Society (DECUS) Magazine where he was the technical advisor to the magazine's editorial calendar as well as the author of a regular column on new community driven software projects world-wide.

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