Video Animation Project for Motorola Engineering Team

The problem: How to quickly explain the value proposition for an engineering project to global decision makers.

The process: I worked with the director of product management in Motorola’s cloud services team to document a typical use case that would exemplify the project’s value proposition. In many cases the best way to sell a project internally to decision makers is the same process that is commonly used by expert sales folks: tell a story.

So here is the story we came up with, an animation I developed using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator:

Find My Device


Photo Gallery


Special thanks: I want to thank a few folks who helped to make this video a success…

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PHP Demo Program

Ron Fredericks writes: I am LectureMaker’s video platform technologist. So I thought I would demonstrate some of my sample code in building a simple website demo.

The demo consists of three pages that feature the following code

  • PHP programming with OO and model-view-controller (MVC) architecture
  • SQL file to create a new table and load some sample user data
  • PHP sessions and OO MySQL Data Manager
  • Use of CSS style sheet and tags for web page layout and forms management
  • Use of JavaScript and jQuery functions and project library
  • A RESTful API allowing users to move data between the three pages

Visit the running project’s website here:

Download a copy of the project’s source code from GitHub:


Build a 2-3 page website with a single page view concept with JavaScript mvc and REST service. The concept of the site is to choose your background. After login the user can select a file to upload and that becomes the background image of the landing page. Page 1 is login with at least 3 different users who can login. Page 2 is landing page which will show the image uploaded and page 3 is upload the background image you like. Page 2 and 3 should have a logout button.

Overview of the Project

Overview of the Project


What is OOP?
Object Oriented Programming, or OOP, invokes the use of classes to organize the data and structure of an application:

  • Objects: instances of a class
  • Inheritance: ability to pass characteristics and behaviors from a base class
  • Access Modifiers: ability to protect data and methods
  • Interfaces: a form of abstract class that acts as a model for creating a derived class
  • PHP 5 Built-in Classes: Standard PHP Library (SPL), mysqli, PDO, SQLite, XML support, relfection, Iterator interface, magic methods, objects passed by reference
  • Design Patterns: a reusable set of solutions that solve practical problems

What is MVC?
Model–View–Controller (MVC) is an architectural pattern used in software engineering:

  • Model handles database logic. Code in the model connects to the database and provides an abstraction layer.
  • Controller represents the business (application) logic i.e. all our ifs and else.
  • View provides the presentation logic i.e our HTML/XML/JSON code.

What is REST?
Representational state transfer (REST) is a predominant web API design model for distributed systems. PHP examples include:

  • Use FORM tag with GET or POST to send data to another web page.
  • Use cURL to set the URL, create array of POST data, set options such as return XML data, and make request.
  • Create a POST request by opening a TCP connection to the host using fsockopen(), then use fwrite() on the handler returned from fsockopen().

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Three Public Speaker Styles for Video

How does a person create online video for their business, product, or service? I define three styles that a presenter can use. The same methods can be used in a classroom to broadcast live teacher/student interaction, eLearning program, or by marketing teams putting on live events.

Record Your Message With Style

As co-founder of LectureMaker’s portable video studio, and a professional public speaker, I have come to recognize three different styles that work well in planning your next online video. In many practical circumstances more than one style may be used at the same time.

See the image below for an overview of the three styles:

  • Impromptu – speak using a well rehearsed mental framework to deliver fresh exciting content in a measured amount of time
  • Prepared – speak to a target audience using a technique already known to motivate a specific audience type in a measured amount of time
  • Trial and Error – speak without rehearsal, specific impromptu framework, or known technique, then edit the content in post production to meet an objective

LectureMaker's Video Production Service for Three Public Speaker Styles

LectureMaker’s Video Production Service for Three Public Speaker Styles (click image to enlarge)

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