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LectureMaker is available to help you produce your next high tech or business video project. LectureMaker offers both video and digital still photography to capture and share your event with others.

Get more value from your live events with a reusable video or photo gallery slide show of your event.

Turn your local event into a world-wide streaming event.

Use LectureMaker’s video studio to create a thrilling experience for your target audience, save your users from having to drive or fly to a physical event, and it is an energy efficient and a healthful way to participate in the green economy.

Use LectureMaker’s Online Business Ecosystem to publish your video, leverage the power of social media without having to be a blogger. Create a safe forum for open innovation and community participation around your video with our ability to moderate and promote your video. Get weekly Google Analytics reports so you can see how effective your online video reaches your target audience.

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