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LectureMaker clients can host their videos here:
* Large file / feature length videos,
* Optimized for software demos and office presentations,
* Navigation links (“dots”) within videos for fast access,
* Weekly analytic reports,
* Real-time streaming with chat and phone support,
* High quality on-demand download,
* Marketing engine supports cross-linking, comment support, and RSS feeds,
* Password protection for sensitive content,
* Webinar management tool with eCommerce support.

Coin Collection I

This is a photo session showing my coin collection. Each photo contains front, back, related info, and/or invoice information. The coins are from ancient civilizations, or from European history. The photos are thumbnails. Select a thumbnail to get a full … Continue reading

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Reinventing the Business of Education, Moderated by Ron Fredericks

Video Presentation Mr. Fredericks, the technologist behind the vision and development of LectureMaker’s¬†Cross-Domain eLearning Video Platform,¬†moderates a lecture – with standing room only – on the Stanford campus from speakers on the topic of reinventing the business of education. Presenters … Continue reading

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Larry Lagerstrom Highlights Stanford’s Online Learning Programs

Dr. Lagerstrom, Director of Online Learning for Stanford’s School of Engineering, discusses Stanford’s online efforts and what may be the next big thing in online learning in this video: Technology as the Game Changer Ever wonder how MOOC programs got … Continue reading

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