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LectureMaker™ is a unique blend of community marketing and video production focused on building measurable online value for exceptional people, their brands and products. Reusable video and multimedia for online training, sales leads capture, and community building is at the heart of the service offering.


Cross-domain Video Platform

Get more value from your video collection with LectureMaker’s video platform. Finally you can host your own videos while driving users to your own website and collect more advanced viewer analytics with this powerful and flexible software

A Overview of LectureMaker’s Cross-domain Video Platform – serve up video to your viewers on your own website while learning more about your viewer’s behavior.

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Video Studio and Media Lab

Take your idea, brand, product, or people to the next level with video produced in LectureMaker’s video studio

LectureMaker’s Video Studio and Media Lab

Event Recording and Live Streaming

Get more value from your local live event: Record it for reuse, Stream it for a global audience

LectureMaker’s Live Event Video Recording Schematic

Speech Coaching and Video Script Training

Ron Fredericks, Co-founder of LectureMaker is a speech coach and video script teacher. These techniques can help you and your staff look good on camera and plan your time effectively

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Post Production Editing

LectureMaker’s video hardware and streaming services are designed to broadcast high quality video without post production services. But some projects in studio and some segments of live events can be enhanced or mixed with other material using our advanced software editing tools and workstations

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  1. Surat  Pattaramandkongskul Avatar

    I am Surat from eBIZINET Co Ltd., Thailand.
    We are sale representative of several of software program and our main product is distribution of software.

    Our customer requested us to quote of LectureMaker software and also kindly quote us the price.

    For advance information if the customer would like to purchase; customer will receive the good in which Software form and contain with what?

    Best Regards,
    Surat Pattaramandkongskul
    Project Leader Manager

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