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  • Reinventing the Business of Education, Moderated by Ron Fredericks

    Video Presentation Mr. Fredericks, the technologist behind the vision and development of LectureMaker’s Cross-Domain eLearning Video Platform, moderates a lecture – with standing room only – on the Stanford campus from speakers on the topic of reinventing the business of education. Presenters

  • Larry Lagerstrom Highlights Stanford’s Online Learning Programs

    Dr. Lagerstrom, Director of Online Learning for Stanford’s School of Engineering, discusses Stanford’s online efforts and what may be the next big thing in online learning in this video: Technology as the Game Changer Ever wonder how MOOC programs got started at Stanford. Larry discusses this and many other aspects of online learning such as…

  • Add a Video Producer to Your Marketing Team

    Add a LectureMaker Video Producer to Your Marketing Team LectureMaker’s Ron Fredericks is an expert in producing video for marketing teams. Here are some ideas from his experience and from his mentors. There are four types of video that LectureMaker develops for its business and non-profit clients. Each video type corresponds to a segment of…

  • Test audio / video plugins

    Audio plugin (using two sample widths of 200 and 400 pixels) Audio plugin located here In this example I am embedded the audio inside the html web page text. Not launching a new web page just to play the audio. [mejsaudio preload=”none” src=”” width=”200″] [mejsaudio preload=”none” src=”” width=”400″]

  • Video Animation Project for Motorola Engineering Team

    How to tell an animated story to help pitch an engineering project to decision makers

  • PHP Demo Program

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Ron Fredericks writes: I am LectureMaker’s video platform technologist. So I thought I would demonstrate some of my sample code in building a simple website demo. The demo consists of three pages that feature the following code PHP programming with OO and model-view-controller (MVC) architecture SQL file to create a new…

  • Three Public Speaker Styles for Video

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] How does a person create online video for their business, product, or service? I define three styles that a presenter can use. The same methods can be used in a classroom to broadcast live teacher/student interaction, eLearning program, or by marketing teams putting on live events. Record Your Message With Style…

  • ETMOOC – second post – The 7 Stage Model for MOOC’s

    Ron Fredericks writes: I will present my idea for a 7 layer service classification for MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) and the new opportunities it might create. I propose that the responsibility assumed by the supporting web platform(s) would depend on what service layer of the network-student-teacher is being addressed. Dividing MOOC’s into three types:…

  • ETMOOC – first post

    Ron Fredericks writes: I will be participating in #etmooc – a conversational MOOC (massive open online course) focused on educational technology and media. This will be the first of many posts on the subject during my participation over the next few months. I created LectureMaker’s video studio and new media technology platform for video publishing…