Product, Service, and Program Policies

Intellectual Property
LectureMaker has trademarks on its products and services. LectureMaker has copyright all video and multimedia content it produces, slogans, and other intellectual property it creates unless otherwise called out in a separate customer contract.

Use of Blog for Posts, Videos, and Comments
LectureMaker reserves the right to restrict content published on its blog; but, does not warrant the accuracy of any content. LectureMaker does not guarantee or support any claims made on this site.

Contact LectureMaker with your questions, suggestions, or complaints.


5 responses to “Policies”

  1. Julia Mason Avatar

    Most countries in the third world never respects intellectual property rights. piracy is so rampant in asian countries.~”~

  2. Makayla Gonzalez Avatar

    intellectual property is not really respected in most countries in asia where piracy is so rampant.:.,

  3. Body Detox ` Avatar

    intellectual property is not observed by poor countries in the third world, in fact they like piracy.*’

  4. Rust Paint : Avatar

    intellectual property is always a concern these days because of the very fast update in technology~.”

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