Add a Video Producer to Your Marketing Team

Add a LectureMaker Video Producer to Your Marketing Team

LectureMaker’s Ron Fredericks is an expert in producing video for marketing teams. Here are some ideas from his experience and from his mentors.

There are four types of video that LectureMaker develops for its business and non-profit clients. Each video type corresponds to a segment of the marketing funnel for lead development. Additionally, some video types correspond to segments of the community marketing megaphone for word-of-mouth influence building or grass roots advocacy – the marketing funnel in reverse.

* Marketing Funnel / Community Megaphone

Video that generates brand, product, or service awareness:

  • brand impressions.
  • Introduce a global audience to your company, campaign, institution, or foundation.
  • Bold, funny, eye-catching, emotional, and short (30 seconds on youtube for example).

Video that lowers the barrier to sales through value, opportunity, and familiarity:

  • Pre-sales or canvasing or call to action.
  • Information packed, validation and testimonial, demonstration, see it in action (a few minutes on your site).

Video that closes a sale or converts viewer to customer:

  • Sales or donations.
  • Promo, direct sales infomercial (30 minutes on site).

Loyalty video for customer or employee retention:

  • Training, what’s next, product review, and thank-you events.
  • Educational in nature, blog makes a good framework, (30 minutes to more than an hour, on LectureMaker site).
Create powerful messages with video.
You could go out and buy a handycam. But LectureMaker has the Internet video technology, speech presentation and film planning services, expertise in many of the technologies used in Silicon Valley, and a fully-staffed video studio to meet your professional business video and photography needs.

“Contact me to schedule a one hour appointment to learn how LectureMaker can become a powerful extension to your corporate, sales, marketing, social networking, and engineering communication strategies.” – Ron Fredericks, Co-founder LectureMaker LLC

Community Marketing Magaphone

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Driving Reuse by Perception Software


About this webinar

perception_software_video_title_thumbThere are many benefits of parts reuse in the supply chain such as shortened development cycles and getting leverage with vendors because of increased volumes. One of the big hindrances to enabling reuse is getting the right people the right data at the right time and Cisco’s Greg Twiss (Director of Engineering Supply Chain and top 10% of patent holders) realized this big gap and architected Intelligent Search into the culture of Cisco for discovering parts/BoM related information. Now they are realizing benefits of over $1.5M/year in savings and significantly reducing the frustration of Product Operations team members (Engineers, Manufacturing, Supply Chain) in getting Part/BoM related information that they need. In this webinar Greg Twiss highlights the need and benefits of the implementation of Intelligent Search using Perception Software’s Encompass product. For more information: Perception Software

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Driving Reuse – the Video

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Video Topics and Navigation List

TimelineDescription of topicsHot links into the video
0:00:24CEO Darryl Worsham introduces agenda
0:08:56Greg Twiss, Director of Engineering and Supply Chain introduction
0:09:40Greg Twiss introduces need for purpose built search for design reuse at Cisco
0:12:07Greg Twiss (GT): Why Reuse
0:14:57Greg Twiss: Why don’t more people Reuse
0:16:28Greg Twiss: Good Intentions translating to Action
0:19:32Greg Twiss: Why it was important to change process at Cisco?
0:21:19Greg Twiss: Why was Intelligent Search important to Cisco?
0:23:25Greg Twiss’s design spec: make all part data accessible and fulfill search requests in under 2 seconds
0:26:52Greg Twiss: Immediate search vs Deeper Search
0:29:04Greg Twiss’s 6 operating principles in the development of Intelligent Search
0:32:30Greg Twiss: 3 operating principles on getting user adoption
0:35:35Greg Twiss contact info
0:36:25CEO: Encompass Overview - what you are about to see
0:38:30Mark Hepburn demonstration of Encompass Intelligent Search
0:51:22Question: How long did it take to get to first 100 users at Cisco?
0:52:20Question: How did Cisco motivate usage for Intelligent Search?
0:53:40Question: Can Encompass find alternate parts not in internal data source?
0:55:00Question: Can the application be run in the cloud?
0:55:18Question: What data sources were the most important initially?
0:57:13Question: How many data sources can Encompass connect to without impact on performance?
0:58:13Question: What are the issues when multiple data sources have the same data?
0:59:52Question: What are some of the lessons learned in Encompass installations?
1:01:01Question: What were the advantages for Cisco in working with Intelligent Search vs doing it the old way?
1:02:35Question: What are the differences between Intelligent Search vs. Google Search Appliance?

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Video Animation Project for Motorola Engineering Team

The problem: How to quickly explain the value proposition for an engineering project to global decision makers.

The process: I worked with the director of product management in Motorola’s cloud services team to document a typical use case that would exemplify the project’s value proposition. In many cases the best way to sell a project internally to decision makers is the same process that is commonly used by expert sales folks: tell a story.

So here is the story we came up with, an animation I developed using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator:

Find My Device


Photo Gallery


Special thanks: I want to thank a few folks who helped to make this video a success…

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