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Ron Fredericks writes: I will be participating in #etmooc – a conversational MOOC (massive open online course) focused on educational technology and media. This will be the first of many posts on the subject during my participation over the next few months.

I created LectureMaker’s video studio and new media technology platform for video publishing to help business and education communities communicate through video more effectively. I offer real-time video recording with streaming, post production when needed, and a cross-domain video platform with client/server technology. The concept is to take cable news broadcasting equipment and reuse it for live education from virtual classrooms with all the integrated services commonly used in a news broadcast: presenters (aka teachers), remote feeds (research centers), video in video windows (whiteboards and pre-recorded video clips), titles, interviews, panel discussions, etc….

LectureMaker’s Video Studio and Media Lab

I have a large investment in equipment and a steady following in the business community.

Simon Gerzina from BrightTALK uses LectureMaker for its live streaming project

My goal in attending #etmooc is to learn more about integrating these technologies into a workflow useful to the educational community.

I have been directly involved in MOOC’s since September of this year. I have explored several of the xMOOC offerings and launched a linkedin group called MOOC. My activity with MOOCs is documented on this page:

Learn more from the cMOOC’s website:

Author: Ron Fredericks

Ron's technology skill set includes open source software development, architecture design, quick prototyping, project/product management, operating system development, compiler development, debugger development, component reuse, network protocols, new media streaming, real-time performance, embedded systems, mobile apps, power engineering, and countless application development projects. Ron is also a business developer, video and animation artist, public speaker, eLearning platform developer, and independent researcher at LinkedIn Profile:

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