Event Video Recording

LectureMaker™ Live Event Video and Photo Capture with Real-Time Streaming

Increase the value of your marketing spend by streaming and recording your next live event.

Lecturemaker has the experience and equipment to help you reuse your next business event for Internet, TV coverage, Social Networking, Training, Live Streaming (like a webinar), DVD reproduction, and as an integral part of your integrated marketing campaign.

“Ron [from LectureMaker] did a terrific job helping us deliver the first annual TEDxConstitutionDrive conference! Our goals were ambitious for this first conference – record over a dozen talks by leading experts and entrepreneurs, get high-quality video up online on the TEDx YouTube channel, and livestream the event for a global audience. He supported us through the entire process, with super-quality equipment, a high degree of professionalism, and a great attitude and personality that made him a pleasure to work with.” — Tam Thao Thi Pham, TEDx Constitution Drive

Key Points

  • Work with Your Event Team, Sales Team, and Integrated Marketing Programs, to Reuse Video Recording From Your Show Floor
  • Record Your Event with Multiple HD Cameras and High Quality Audio
  • Stream Your Event to a Remote or Global Internet Audience in Real-Time
  • Allow Your Remote or Global Audience to Participate in Questions and Answers via Telephone or Twitter
  • Use LectureMaker’s Cross-domain Video Platform to group video sessions into an eLearning Program, build SEO, or generate new income streams

Sample Equipment Setup

LectureMaker’s Event Video Schematic

Photo from Live Event Showing Portable Broadcast Appliance

Nick Hayes Presents Influencer Marketing at the Commonwealth Club

Stream your live event to phone and Internet

  • Extend your local event into a live global online event
  • Broadcast your event with video, and solicit community feedback via telephone which in turn is piped back into the video stream for improved global synergy with your audience
  • Use LectureMaker’s eCommerce tools to charge online viewers
  • Extend your local event into a live podcast – even if there is no Internet access or phone around
  • Stream live and capture high quality video for reuse on web, or DVD after the event

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  1. Do you ever need capture techs?

    I have a mediasite recorder and all equipment to do a room if you are ever needing help with an event…

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