Video Studio, Sunnyvale

LectureMaker™ Portable Video Studio is a business video production setup for expert video production, training lectures, and live real-time Internet broadcasts.

Currently, LectureMaker is using its video studio as a portable service easily installed at a local Bay Area business facility – just as this same equipment is used for live event recording and broadcasting. If you know of a long term facility that would be interested in hosting LectureMaker’s video studio for a business community (Bay Area or other location), please contact Ron Fredericks.

LectureMaker provides all the staff and equipment required to help you plan a good script, review your graphics and other multimedia, make changes to your script and graphics during rehearsals, coach your rehearsals, film several takes, edit your best takes into one final video, publish your lecture, and setup analytics to track your viewers – all for as little as one hour of studio time! We can even present your message for you with our own talent (great for those who are too busy or work too far from our Sunnyvale, CA studio location).

Be the first in your market segment to take advantage of LectureMaker’s professional business studio :

  • Case Studies or Customer Testimonials
  • Company Awareness, or Virtual Tour
  • Online Training Sessions
  • Elevator Pitch for your Product or Service
  • Ecosystem or Community Internet Portal Overview
  • Software Simulation or Demonstration
  • Online Training
  • Video Enhanced Blog Page
  • Sales Webinars & Presentations
  • Technical Support Sessions
  • Internet TV Broadcasts
  • Virtual Events
  • Event Management with Password Protection and eCommerce Revenue Streams
  • Business News Briefings, or Video Enhanced PR
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Distance Learning Courses
  • Panel Discussions
  • Supercharged PowerPoint Presentations
  • Interactive Streaming and Video Conference Calls
  • Theatrical Hi-Tech Demonstrations
Schematic Diagram of LectureMaker’s Sunnyvale Studio
LectureMaker walk-in studio service
LectureMaker walk-in studio - schematic overview


  • Professional video cameras
  • Real-time broadcast system
  • Video switch to select live, preview, effects, titles, external PC/Mac screencasts, and video recordings into your lecture or live conference in real-time
  • Digital video recorder with queue list for special effects or pre-recorded video playback
  • Professional microphones, sound mixer, and dynamic noise reduction
  • 3D text overlays
  • Stage lighting
  • Teleprompter for easy coordination of timing and lecture content
  • PC and Mac interface for real-time capture of computer monitor as live motion video: great for software demos, photos, slide shows, Internet browsing
  • Virtual environment using greenscreen or bluescreen with real-time integration into your video stream: great for simulating your office, fantastic locations, or your product
  • Real-time display of final video on a monitor, or projector, that you can watch while presenting your lecture/conference
  • Real-time webcasting or video streaming to the Internet
  • Real-time telephone interface for mixing remote conversations into your video stream
  • High quality video and audio merged and saved to disk in MPEG-2 format ready to take with you shortly after your lecture is over
Customer using LectureMaker Walk-in Studio

LectureMaker's Conference Room
Studio Waiting Area
Presenter's View During Filming
A Presenter During a Recording Session


Contact LectureMaker for hourly pricing, available dates, add-on products, video hosting, and post-production support services

Suggestions for using LectureMaker’s Walk-in Studio

Studio Time
Plan your time in the LectureMaker studio with support from award winning public speaker, web service designer, community management, newsletter and magazine editor, and videographer — Ron Fredericks:

  • Training
  • Lecture design from online teleprompter
  • Storyboarding
  • Movie direction
  • Multimedia setup
  • Rehearsals
  • Video capture
  • Post production service
  • Webcast marketing on

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