Business Video Production


Video has emerged as a new and powerful Internet marketing and sales tool available to the business community.

LectureMaker’s video studio provides a complete suite of services and products to develop Internet video for business:

  • video production,
  • speech rehearsal,
  • video enhanced marketing program, and
  • website re-engineering technology

We offer the place, speaking talent, fully staffed audio video recording equipment, and Internet marketing services to get your video published and watched by your target marketplace. In addition, LectureMaker is able to help you develop lead generation or influence building strategies around your new videos integrated with your website.

Target Audience

To get started you and your company should have a desire to increase the visibility of your website, convert more visitors to registered sales leads, produce new online training products, or simply want to be a better public speaker. LectureMaker’s video studio can help you realize these goals.

The Process 

  • Contact LectureMaker to learn more about converting your idea into a video reality.
  • Develop your script or talking points: use LectureMaker’s speech coaching program as needed.
  • Decide on a combination of studio time, onsite field or event video recording, and a collection of multimedia including your logo.
  • Complete the video with post-production editing.
  • Publish the video to one or more Internet sites such as YouTube, LectureMaker, your own web site, and social networks.

If your website has never been integrated with video before, LectureMaker has the experience and example code to quickly help you embed video from other web sites, drop your video into social media sites, create public, password protected, and pay-per-view eCommerce enabled access to your video, or add video hosting and playback directly to your website.


A short video message to engage your web visitor



Diagram showing the multimedia layers needed to produce the example video:


Why use LectureMaker’s Studio?

LectureMaker is dedicated exclusively to video production and video enhanced Internet marketing for the business community. Our services and products are designed to build your market share in targeted communities on the Internet. Our attention to quality, our knowledge base, our extremely satisfied client feedback, and our growing subscriber base of viewers who recognize LectureMaker’s video brand, are some key reasons why your company should consider LectureMaker. Our offering includes hi-def video equipment, Sunnyvale studio located between San Jose and San Francisco, portable broadcasting equipment, speech training, post production editing, video hosting, web site re-engineering services, and community building marketing programs.

Video has emerged as a vital business tool in today’s marketplace. Be it a company awareness video, a direct response video, or a customer loyalty training video – LectureMaker is here to help you establish a professional image and build your marketshare with online video.

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Use the “Purchase Options” form presented below to purchase a video project from LectureMaker’s Sunnyvale Video Studio using your credit card. LectureMaker’s staff gives you all the help and support you need to record, produce, publish, and promote your presentation. For those who cannot come into our studio, our film crew can create your lecture using our own acting talent. Additional fees may apply for optional services such as travel, use of LectureMaker’s cross-domain video hosting platform, or photography/video recording off-site (including at your company or at a live event).

Purchase Options
Comment or Time/Date desired

LectureMaker reserves the right to cancel any project. Customer risk-free guarantee – a) LectureMaker offers its clients 90 days of full media storage at no charge for change support; b) Clients also enjoy the option of a full purchase price refunded within 30 days if not satisfied. No other warranty is implied or offered.

Contact LectureMaker for more information

Last updated: December 22, 2011

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  1. Both the price list and service guarantee were updated today to including lower prices for one and two week projects, and an improved customer guarantee for our clients.

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