Public Speech Training

LectureMaker™ Public Speech Training for Video, TV, and Podcasting

An integral part of delivering a good lecture for video is to learn how to speak to a public audience in general, followed by how to speak to a set of cameras with studio lighting and various types of microphones. LectureMaker hosts a public class every Tuesday evening in its conference room, with one-on-one or small group private training in its video studio.

Key Points

  • Record your speech in LectureMaker’s Studio to DVD in Real-Time (little or no waiting)
  • One-on-One Speech Training, Direction, and Coaching
  • Recruit a Seasoned Public Speaker for Your Next Lecture

Learn to Speak In Front of a Camera

LectureMaker's Video Production Service for Three Public Speaker Styles
LectureMaker’s Video Production Service for Three Public Speaker Styles

The diagram above demonstrates several techniques for speaking for video production. Learn more about these techniques

LectureMaker Sponsored Toastmasters Club for Three Years

Ron Fredericks, public speaker and speech coach at LectureMaker, hosted the Blue Cube Toastmasters Club in LectureMaker’s conference room. During that time, he was able to learn and practice his public speech techniques, coaching, and leadership.

LectureMaker’s public speech training – the movie
Highlights of LectureMaker’s open house event

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