Post Production Editing

The LectureMaker™ Business Video Production Workflow Includes Post Production Editing
Post produciton editing can be an integral part of creating high quality multimedia clips and lecture videos in LectureMaker’s studio. Getting done fast and with quality, but also with creative skill, are the norm here at LectureMaker.

Post Production Example

The Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival hired LectureMaker to produce a short video clip (see video 1 below) demonstrating their value proposition to their sponsors. The media supplied for the project was primarily on DVDs (see figure 1 below). The overall project was defined initially by a script (see right hand side of figure 1 below) with suggested DVD’s and other media to use during key segments of the video. The details of the project, additional media, and the video framework were then crafted into a final YouTube video by Ron Fredericks in LectureMaker’s video studio.

Ron Fredericks at is a talented videographer and video editor. In about a week he produced a quality video that met all of our required specifications. Of course, as with every project, there were required changes and edits, and Ron was always willing to listen and adjust according to our needs. The video he developed is an important tool in our fundraising efforts and has already been shared with two governmental granting agencies. Please feel free to contact us at if you need any additional information.

Bruce Entin
President, Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival

Mark Levine
Executive Director, Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival

Video 1 – video produced in LectureMaker’s post-production lab, published to YouTube

Figure 1 - raw materials used in LectureMaker's post production lab to produce SVJFF video

Post Production Workflow

Figure 2 shows an example of a LectureMaker multimedia clip under development before being placed on a web site to attract the eye of a possible prospect.

Figure 2 - creating a special effects video clip
Figure 1 - creating a special effects video clip

Below is one example of a LectureMaker video going through post production before being syndicated on or placed on a client web site :

  1. Use LectureMaker Media manager to move large files to and from LectureMaker web site
    • LectureMaker walk-in studio video
    • LectureMaker live event video
    • Upload client raw video footage
    • Library of reusable sound loops and multimedia elements
    • Download release candidate and final video footage
  2. Use software tools to clean and correct audio and video separately – then merge back together
  3. Fix combined audio with video – for issues that track both audio and video – such as a person’s lips and voice while removing selected words
  4. Add sound effects and music tracks
  5. Add descriptive text titles
  6. Add motion to text titles
  7. Add special effects graphics
  8. Synchronize sound tracks to text titles and special effects
  9. Add masks to visualize portions of unseen video layers into top layer where they will be seen
  10. Build composition layers with vector images, photographic art, raster drawings, and short video clips
  11. Build chroma-key layers such as product or person extracted from greenscreen studio backgrounds
  12. Merge final video together
  13. Add LectureMaker trademark as a video watermark and film credits
  14. Build final footage for deployment: screen size, and audio/video codecs
  15. Integrate final footage into user playback controls such as Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, DVD, and/or Blu-Ray

Post Production Photo Gallery

Click on a photo thumbnail to view a larger picture and to start a slideshow going forward.

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