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News Update

LectureMaker was awarded a trademark today from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on the name: LectureMaker®.

Ron Fredericks, Co-founder of LectureMaker LLC, points out “The trademark award is an important step in the evolution of LectureMaker’s business model. We promote our clients products, ideas, services, and training initiatives with films produced in our studio, live events in the field, support script development by for our clients, and video post production to LectureMaker®’s cross-domain video platform.” Ron goes on to say “The trademark award for our unique video post production technology integrated into our Internet video platform demonstrates our commitment to leadership in the massive online video platform community.”

LectureMaker’s products and services

Trademark Award

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Making R User Group Videos

Here is a link to my most popular video hosted on LectureMaker’s web site:

RHIPE: An Interface Between Hadoop and R
Presented by Saptarshi Guha

Video Link

Learn more about making R User Group Videos and some general tools for measuring event video influence from my Revolution Analytics guest blog post located here>

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TEDx Constitution Drive – Lectures on “Identity”

Ron Fredericks writes: The videos and references presented here offer the viewer a wide spectrum on the theme of identity. They also demonstrate the LectureMaker® live event service: global unity through real-time streaming, high quality reusable video recording, and web tools for an enhanced viewer Internet learning experience.

I would like to thank Tam Thao Pham, and Tam Thanh Pham, and Theresa Pham for organizing another informative event from their Menlo Park TEDx Constitution Drive franchise this year. More information on each speaker can be found on the TED/TEDx site. Also, the event team captured some great photo’s published on Flickr

I would like to thank my film crew for their hard work and contribution to this production:

  • Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz, blog, for event floor operations
  • Doug Kreitz, LinkedIn, for sr. camera operation
  • Audrey Ray Daniel, aray studio, for camera operation
  • Lisa Tesler, @LiTesler, for camera operation
  • Chris Miloslavich, MiloMix, for final edits on Freddy Clarke’s “It’s a Wobbly World”

Introduction to LectureMaker’s Live Event TEDx Filming Process

LectureMaker filmed each presenter using multiple Hi-Def video cameras, portable broadcasting system, lights, speakers, and microphones to stream the event to a global audience and record hi-def video for post production. Custom Javascript provides control over initial image for videos, start time for playback, reference table, and inclusion of other supportive YouTube or Vimeo videos. See LectureMaker’s live event service to produce media like this for your next event.

Here are the resulting videos:

Brian Christian

The Imitation Game: What Anonymity Teaches Us about Identity
An interdisciplinary look at identity from the intersection of language and technology.

References to Brian Christian’s video (select topics from both internal video times -> external web links):
00:20 -> Phonagnosia 01:24 -> David Kernell 02:28 -> Speed Dating
06:15 -> Diction and Syntax 08:05 -> Turing Test 10:25 -> Autocomplete
13:24 -> Walt Whitman 14:09 -> Collective Conscience 14:51 -> Tower of Babel
15:26 -> Penguins Back story -> The Most Human Human Credits -> Brian’s Website


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