Blue Cube Toastmasters Club Movie

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Ron Fredericks writes: Blue Cube Toastmasters Club held an open house to attract new members: Blue Cube Makes a Movie. The agenda for the open house was to make a movie. I directed, produced, and published this movie as a demonstration of what Blue Cube Toastmasters Club is all about: impromptu speeches, prepared speeches, club business, and the value of Toastmasters.

Watch this movie to:

  • Learn about Toastmasters International,
  • Demonstrate how Toastmasters’ self-help public speech and leadership training works, and
  • Show potential future guests and experienced Toastmasters what makes Blue Cube unique as a club worth visiting/joining.

Blue Cube Toastmasters Club presents:
the movie
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Background Notes

LectureMaker hosted the Blue Cube Toastmasters Club in its conference room from 2009 to 2012. LectureMaker owns a professional video studio down the hall from its conference room, so it was only a matter of time before the club members got together to make a club movie.

The movie includes:

  • Short prepared speeches in a virtual environment, by our club president, Gopal Patil
  • Spontaneous “in your face” testimonials from Blue Cube members and Toastmaster dignitaries including Birgit Starmanns, District 4’s Public Relations Officer for 2010-11
  • Extract from “What’s On Your Resume” prepared speech by our Division C Governor, Elaine Lung,
  • Extract from “A Talk Show Interview” with expert advice from our Blue Cube’s club coach, Dr. Pieter Kark,
  • Suzanna, a Bay Area open air musician, holds the diverse video segments together with one of her songs performed live at the Sunnyvale Farmers Market.

For more information on other clubs and activities in Toastmasters’ District 4:

For more information on Toastmasters International world wide:

Special thanks to our VP of public relations for designing the original story board used to make this movie (back in 2008)

Special thanks to Suzanna, a Bay Area open air musician, for letting me adapt my filmed performance of her at the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market back in August of 2009 for this video.

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