Introduction to Math Blogging

Ron Fredericks writes: “Introduction to Math Blogging ” is a short overview of the WordPress Math Publisher plugin. Get an overview of the plugin from this video. Some topics include:

  • What is it
  • How to install it
  • How to use it, and
  • Support and the software development release cycle

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Get a copy of the plugin from the Plugin site:

I include some comments on the WordPress developer ecosystem as a model to learn from and perhaps emulate:

  • Automation of the submission process for new plugins
  • Automation of the community metrics and satisfaction the use of individual plugins
  • Online engineering tools to help developers track milestones during the plugin’s lifecycle (ALM)
  • Use of forums for community support between developers and users of plugins

I encourage the viewer to consider that increased use of math is necessary in today’s competitive global economy. Using a blog with math publishing features is one way to support this effort.


As an example, when I embedded the wpmathpub [pmath size=xx] tag into my blog post — like this:

Code (mathtext)
  1. [pmath size=16](a+b)^2=a^2+2ab+b^2[/pmath]
  3. Where:
  4. [pmath size=12]~a[/pmath] is defined as a variable
  5. [pmath size=12]~b[/pmath] is defined as a variable

I get the following mathematical equation displayed in my blog post:


~a is defined as a variable
~b is defined as a variable

The video was designed, acted in, and edited by Ron Fredericks; while the video was produced and directed by Alex Gershowitz; in LectureMaker’s Sunnyvale Video Studio

I invite the viewer to pick up a copy of “Numerical Recipes” if they are using math equations in their blog posts:

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Ron Fredericks is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for International Contact, Inc. He leads office and language service performance improvement and new revenue opportunities with online platform and network technologies. His technology skill set includes many years of open source software development, architecture design, quick prototyping, project/product management, operating system development, compiler development, debugger development, component reuse, network protocols, new media streaming, real-time performance, embedded systems, mobile apps, power engineering, and countless application development projects. Ron is also a business developer, video and animation artist, public speaker, eLearning platform developer, and independent optical biophysics research in optical Macro/Biomolecular behavior. Ron currently holds awards in web platform design, business development, and biophysics patents that have each made a disruptive difference in social networking and pharmacology. LinkedIn Profile:
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