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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from LectureMaker Studio

    Welcome to LectureMaker’s video studio. Here at our green screen the co-founders wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Infuencers to Brand Advocates

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Ron Fredericks writes: LectureMaker was on scene March 17, 2011, as the video streaming provider for this episode of “Think Influence” held at San Francisco’s BrightTALK office. Simon Gerzina was the producer for the event. He gave me and my camera crew a fantastic learning experience, as we supported him during…

  • TEDx Constitution Drive – Lectures on “Identity”

    Example of live real-time event streaming and High-Definition recording…

  • Zoomable Photo Example

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Ron Fredericks writes: LectureMaker studio not only produces videos and webinars, but also high quality photographs. In this example, I demonstrate what a zoomable photo looks like using an electronic circuit board. Contact Ron Fredericks at LectureMaker to publish photos like these. LectureMaker Presents – the zoomable HHP-16K ROM Emulator Photo…

  • RHIPE: An Interface to Hadoop and R for Large and Complex Data Analysis

    Example of a long live event video: – Filmed live using LectureMaker’s camera crew – Distributed using LectureMaker’s video patform – Navigation links in video improve the user experience

  • Introduction to Math Blogging

    Example of a software installation “how to” video…

  • Redemption – A Short Story – By Megan Leney

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] To create short flexible videos like this one, go to LectureMaker’s design and purchase page Ron Fredericks writes: “Redemption” is a short story by Megan Leney about Commander Michael Abrashoff’s tour of duty on the USS Benfold (DDG-65). Megan is the president of Securely Speaking Toastmasters club located inside Symantec’s Mountain…

  • Happy New Year, 2011

    Happy New Year from LectureMaker’s Internet Video Studio LectureMaker is ready to help you produce Internet video for your web site and your customer’s social media sites. To create short flexible videos like this one, go to the new design and purchase page

  • Book Interview with Bill Copeland: Cosmic Swan

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] The Cosmic Swan by Mr. Bill Copeland is a science fiction story with some great narative, unique story, and exciting references to Hindu culture and a fanciful astronomy. What follows is a book interview of the Cosmic Swan written by Bill Copeland by Ron Fredericks in LectureMaker’s sunnyvale video studio. The…

  • How to Create a Great Public Relations Podcast

    “How to Create A Great Public Relations Podcast”   Ron Fredericks, co-founder of LectureMaker LLC, demonstrated how to make a PR podcast with the help of its non-profit Toastmasters speech club, called Blue Cube, that meets in LectureMaker’s conference room every Tuesday evening from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.