Category: Mathematics

  • RHIPE: An Interface to Hadoop and R for Large and Complex Data Analysis

    Example of a long live event video: – Filmed live using LectureMaker’s camera crew – Distributed using LectureMaker’s video patform – Navigation links in video improve the user experience

  • Introduction to Math Blogging

    Example of a software installation “how to” video…

  • ACM Data Mining Camp 2009

    The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Machine Learning / Data Mining Camp event had a full house. The video presented here attempts to capture both the content and the excitement surrounding this event.

  • Bay Area R User Group 2009 Kickoff Video

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Ron Fredericks writes: In February I attended the Bay Area R User Group meeting recently held at Predictive Analytics World 2009. Michael E. Driscoll, one of the two kickoff meeting co-chairs, was gracious enough to let LectureMaker capture the video for the event as a technical marketing “lighthouse” project. Editor’s Note:…

  • How to Display Math Symbols in WordPress

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Ron Fredericks writes: Have you ever wanted to include math equations in your blog posts or lecture materials?  Here is an easy yet professional looking way to get the job done.  Use Embedded Components WordPress plugin called WordPress Math Publisher, or wpmathpub, for short.  Introduction to Math Blogging – Using WordPress Math Publisher  …