Toastmasters District 4 Humor Contest 2009

Ron Fredericks writes: I attended my first District level contest over the weekend. I will be adding more notes here over time. But for now, take a look at the growing number of photos I took during the event as one of two official photographers for this event.

Event Photos

The photos located here have been selected by a visitor to this page. So I have taken the time to enhance them and share them with you here. Take a look at the complete photo gallery below, and let me know what your favorite photos are too. Maybe I will have the time to highlight them in this section.

Event Photo Gallery

These photos form a complete record of the event as I experienced it with my SLR camera. If you like this format, perhaps you too would like to use LectureMaker’s photography service at your next event.

I used a monopole to help frame the images so there are several sequences that blend together as you watch the slide show unfold.

Use this post’s comment feature below to vote for your favorite photos. I will consider posting your favorites in the Event Photos section above. If you find photos you do not like, I am willing to remove them. Just let me know.

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6 responses to “Toastmasters District 4 Humor Contest 2009”

  1. Ramesh Krishnan Avatar
    Ramesh Krishnan


    Is it possible to post the pictures of evaluation & humorous speech contests?


  2. admin Avatar

    Hi Ramesh;

    Thanks for your comment. I was not able to photograph the actual contests.

    Best regards’


  3. Ramesh Krishnan Avatar
    Ramesh Krishnan

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your reply. Do you atleast have the award presentation pictures ?
    for winners of evaluation and humorous speech contests ? …like who where 1st,2nd,3rd?


  4. admin Avatar

    Right. Although I was not allowed to photograph contestants during the contests, I was there to capture the winners of humorous speech contest. These images will be posted later this month.


  5. admin Avatar

    Hello Toastmasters and honored visitors…

    I have just created a photo gallery of all photos I took during the event. You can review those photos and if you like some of them, let me know.

    Best regards,


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