Influencer Marketing Event

Ron Fredericks writes: I was very impressed with Barbara French’s Influencer Marketing MeetUp last night. This meeting was a nice way for the LinkedIn Influencer Marketing group to get together for social and business conversation.

Thank you Barbara!

We all met at B Street Billiards in San Mateo. I enjoyed meeting several people with some discussions on how to take the next step in building out the business around LectureMaker’s Sunnyvale video studio and local event video services. Thanks Barbara and many others….

Event Photo Gallery

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Influencer Marketing Video

For those who have missed this video. Barbara put this event together back in May 2009, at the Churchill Club in San Francisco. Here is a link to watch the video:
Video Link

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About Ron Fredericks

Ron Fredericks is the Co-founder and new media evangelist at LectureMaker LLC located in Sunnyvale, CA. Ron offers a portable video studio serving the Bay Area's business needs. He is a new media communicator focused on marketing, sales, engineering, and social outreach for high tech companies. He is a software engineer creating leading edge video distribution Internet platforms for business eLearning initiatives.
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  1. Really great photos — thank you for sharing them.

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