Book Interview with Bill Copeland: Cosmic Swan

The Cosmic Swan by Mr. Bill Copeland is a science fiction story with some great narative, unique story, and exciting references to Hindu culture and a fanciful astronomy.

What follows is a book interview of the Cosmic Swan written by Bill Copeland by Ron Fredericks in LectureMaker’s sunnyvale video studio. The entire video was shot using a greenscreen:

  • Overview,
  • Interview, and
  • Story Dramatization
  • The Video Interview


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2 Responses to Book Interview with Bill Copeland: Cosmic Swan

  1. Hello from denmark

    Being a felllow tricasteer I have a question for you. The markings on the timeline where you can jump from “chapter” to chapter, how did you put them on ??? I suppose it was made in post production ?? Do you know any way to make these markings during a live streminbg ??
    Best regards and happy holydays

    erik henriksen

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