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  • Making R User Group Videos

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Here is a link to my most popular video hosted on LectureMaker’s web site: RHIPE: An Interface Between Hadoop and RPresented by Saptarshi Guha Learn more about making R User Group Videos and some general tools for measuring event video influence from my Revolution Analytics guest blog post located here>

  • Bay Area R User Group 2009 Kickoff Video

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Ron Fredericks writes: In February I attended the Bay Area R User Group meeting recently held at Predictive Analytics World 2009. Michael E. Driscoll, one of the two kickoff meeting co-chairs, was gracious enough to let LectureMaker capture the video for the event as a technical marketing “lighthouse” project. Editor’s Note:…