Use Screencasting In Your Next Lecture

Ron Fredericks writes: Screencasting is an easy way to document your activities on a computer. Its a digital recording of computer screen output, opten containing audio narration.

During a recent poll, I found very few  people were aware of  screencasting . Watch my online lecture on the subject to learn how to:

  • Express your ideas as a screencast on the web,
  • Embed them within documentation instead of screenshots mixed with tedious explanations, or
  • Use them as visual aids to enhance your next public lecture, as I have done here.

Introduction to Screencasting: Quicktime Video

During this 10 minute Quicktime video you will learn:

  • How to use screencasting as a fast and clear communication tool,
  • The value in working with your local Toastmasters club as a public lecture resource,
  • How to use the free and open source screencasting tool called Camstudio.

Lecture secrets: Two examples of Camstudio screencasting are included in this video. One example of a screencast captured using a video camera of an LCD monitor is used in this video.

This online lecture is a recording of my prepared speech presented to the Blue Cube Toastmasters club from the advanced manual Communicating on Television

For those who live near or travel to Sunnyvale, CA – you’re welcome to visit our Toastmasters club with regular meetings held at the LectureMaker LLC video studio conference room:

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About Ron Fredericks

Ron's technology skill set includes open source software development, architecture design, quick prototyping, project/product management, operating system development, compiler development, debugger development, component reuse, network protocols, new media streaming, real-time performance, embedded systems, mobile apps, power engineering, and countless application development projects. Ron is also a business developer, video and animation artist, public speaker, eLearning platform developer, and independent researcher at LinkedIn Profile:
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3 Responses to Use Screencasting In Your Next Lecture

  1. Great post, Ron — and excellent job on the video!

    This is also extremely valuable for capturing PowerPoint presentations. I’ve seen many technical blogs that have done this. However, I didn’t know how to do it myself. Thanks to this post I do now. 🙂

  2. Zlobtcrr says:

    OZahVn comment1 ,

  3. admin says:

    A friend of mine just pointed out Camstudio’s new web site. Looks like the open source product version has helped them to release a new “gold” version.

    Link to new Camstudio Gold

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