How to Display Math Symbols in WordPress

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Ron Fredericks writes: Have you ever wanted to include math equations in your blog posts or lecture materials?  Here is an easy yet professional looking way to get the job done.  Use Embedded Components WordPress plugin called WordPress Math Publisher, or wpmathpub, for short. 

Introduction to Math Blogging – Using WordPress Math Publisher


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As an example, when I embedded the wpmathpub [pmath size=xx] tag into my blog post — like this:


~a is defined as a 
~b is defined as b


I get the following mathematical equation displayed in my blog post:


    ~a is defined as a
    ~b is defined as b

 You can learn more from the plugin’s wiki-like documentation on site itself from here:

You can post questions or comments on this plugin from here:

Author: Ron Fredericks

Ron's technology skill set includes open source software development, architecture design, quick prototyping, project/product management, operating system development, compiler development, debugger development, component reuse, network protocols, new media streaming, real-time performance, embedded systems, mobile apps, power engineering, and countless application development projects. Ron is also a business developer, video and animation artist, public speaker, eLearning platform developer, and independent researcher at LinkedIn Profile:

17 Replies to “How to Display Math Symbols in WordPress”

  1. Good information for those doing math blog. The creation of various math symbol is tedious in WordPress. Have this code the task is simplified.

  2. This comment is just to verify comments support wpmathpub plugin’s display of math equations.

    Sample equation with spaces in tag: [ pmath ]y=mx^2+b[ /pmath ]

    Correctly tagged math equation: y=mx^2+b

    Looks great!

  3. There’s a cool google gadget floating around that will generate these equation images for you as well, with the added benefit of a wysiwyg editor so you can embed these images anywhere…

  4. Hi Zach,

    You are on the right track, thanks for sharing the Google gadget with my readers. Your gadget indeed includes a great display for the creation of math equations. What seems to be lacking is a simple method for easy publishing of the final image. For example: Can the gadget itself be plugged into a blog post? Or does the blogger still have to cut, paste, upload into WordPress, then tagging and formatting [repeat sic] of the image is then required before finally posting the math equation within a blog?

    Using a simple text editor, you can use my WordPress mathpub plug-in to create images on the fly that fit within a blog post or a blog comment without any hassle associated with img tags etc… Because the image is created on the fly to exactly fit within the blog post or comment. This is a very powerful feature for collaboration and for making quick changes when math errors or improved algorithms are found that would otherwise break the format of the original image as placed within the blog post. It was this redo for improved algorithm that finally got me to write the WordPress mathpub plug-in in the first place – all the coding and publishing of the open-source code took less time and creates error free publishing of math images.

    How about adding your great editor to my plug-in and/or the php math publisher library used as the backend to my plug-in so we can take advantage of both worlds: both open-source and ready for the next upgrade (like yours).



  5. Hi Stephanie:

    Thanks for the question. At this time this plugin can not be used to display math symbols in the title field. The problem for me is that I don’t think html tags like “<img…" are supported in the title field.

    Best regards,


  6. Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Appreciate it

  7. [ pmath ] a^4/b^2/3=(a+b)(a-b) [ /pmath ]

    Editor’s note: the syntax above will display as an equation without the spaces around the pmath tags…


  8. Yeah, it is too tricky for Bing or Yahoo to contend with Google in Research Engine industry. Perhaps I just expect Fb’s ambition might make the marketplace more interesting.

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