Improve Your Presentations and Increase Your Influence with Online Broadcasting

Ron Fredericks writes: I will be speaking for 45 minutes during the Next Step Toastmasters Advanced Club meeting held at the Biltmore Hotel. Read on for more details, or go here to register now>

Event Overview and Event Give-aways for Attendees

Demand for high quality Internet video  has sky rocketed recently – especially for business marketing.  Richard Robinson, industry head for B2B marketing at Google, says

“The fact is that B2B professionals are looking to consume content in a much easier way, but at the same time expect it to be in a rich media format, engaging and hard-hitting.” More

Yet the pool of talent with suitable equipment available to capture, produce, and publish your next high quality video is very limited.  There is some good news for the Bay Area’s Silicon Valley. Access to a broadcast studio, ready to capture, produce, and manage the online programming  associated with live HD video as well as video on demand, has just arrived in the Bay Area thanks to LectureMakerLLC –  a new company with a recent grand opening celebration.

Ron Fredericks, co-founder of LectureMaker LLC, will present high definition (HD) video techniques you can use from home, followed by the newsworthy introduction to working with LectureMaker’s broadcast studio to create your own “TV style” programming or educational shows. Some free video studio time will be given away during this event to registered attendees.

LectureMaker will also take applications from the audience to sponsor one individual’s use of LectureMaker’s Online Broadcast Video Studio for an entire year – this winning candidate can use LectureMaker’s Sunnyvale studio to perfect their on camera lecture presentation skills as well as publish reqular HD videos over the year as part of their own programming. A chance to become a global expert in the field of their choice. All video production costs inside LectureMake’s studio  will be covered by LectureMaker. Some restrictions apply.

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Improve Your Presentations and Increase Your Influence with Online Broadcasting

by Ron Fredericks, ACB Toastmaster, Blue Cube Toastmasters Club Sponsor, and Co-Founder of LectureMaker LLC


  • What is possible with a video broadcast studio?
  • Do it yourself video capture and YouTube publishing
  • Why don’t news broadcasters and movie actors do their own video?
  • Video broadcast studio for lecture development and improvement
  • Video resume vs. Video demonstrations
  • Regular video broadcasts can build your reputation as an talent in the marketplace
  • Internet video hosting for high quality playback and viewer evaluation
  • Event marketing and revenue streams with video
  • LectureMaker’s open studio discount package and other special opportunities for tonight’s attendees


Register Here:

Date: Sunday April 11, 2010


  • Registration and lunch from 1 pm to 2 pm
  • Presentation by Ron Fredericks from 2 pm to 3 pm
  • Advanced Toastmasters club meeting from 3 pm to 4 pm

Location: Biltmore Hotel, 2151 Laurelwood Drive, Santa Clara, United States, 95054

Video Link

Ron Fredericks Biography

“I am Ron Fredericks, a loving family man, and creative new media technology leader focused on social networking and business innovation at LectureMaker LLC. I co-founded LectureMaker and sponsored the Blue Cube Toastmasters club because I believe public communication is the solution to better family life and the under-utilized catalyst to rebuilding our global economy.“

Ron Fredericks studied Biophysics at UC Berkeley for 12 years. He demonstrated his leadership skills by productizing his optics patent in quantitative biochemistry as a key element to launching a biophysics corporation.

He gave back to his community by managing over 800 public speeches by software technologists and entrepreneurs as the editor of the Software Developer Forum ( He has traveled extensively as a software technology leader and technical editor for the Digital Equipment Corporation’s User Society (DECUS) – one of the first global open-source software ecosystems.

He later went on to manage over 1000 global partnerships that produced new software tools, and their related marketing, sales, and support strategies, for the global device manufacturing industry. Ron has won sales and marketing awards for his management of interactive web sites that helped automate many of these partnerships for Intel and then again at Motorola.

Ron Fredericks used the social engagements in his technology career to become a leader in business video Internet broadcasting. Ron found his passion for video as a communications medium from Pacific Data Images during their demonstration of their morphing visual effects on Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” music video in 1991. From that day forward he started building his own video communication techniques and vendor relationships. Today LectureMaker’s Sunnyvale video studio is the first business video studio in the Bay Area to offer lecture development support, and real-time lecture broadcasting to the Internet in true High-Definition (HD) format.

Ron was first recognized by the electronics industry as a leader in online lecture broadcasting back in 2005. Gil Basaak of CMP Media writes

“LectureMaker … is an on- and off-line Web conferencing and demonstration service that accommodates attendees even after the actual meeting ends. The service combines streaming multimedia, an interactive blog, transcript recording, print engine, and, to help locate qualified sales leads, a record of visitors. Billed as a general-purpose sales and presentation tool, LectureMaker serves as a full-featured foundation for marketing embedded systems and components for use even by those who are unaccustomed to presenting in public.”

Join Ron Fredericks as a member of LectureMaker’s “walk-in and do-it” studio to become a better public speaker and gain more recognition as an expert in your field of interest with regular online video publishing.

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