Kill the Well

Bill Copeland writes:

BP is trying to salvage the leaking Deepwater Horizon oil well, not plug it.  I believe it’s possible to stop the leak very quickly, if we, not BP, choose to kill the well.



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Over and over we have heard from BP that the long-term objective is to drill relief wells to reduce the pressure.  This is so they can go back in and start harvesting the fruits of their $600 million investment.

On April 20th the blowout occurred at 5,000 feet and the emergency relief valve, rated at 450 tons of pressure, failed.

Remember ‘Top Hat’?  In late May, a complex system of equipment was assembled on the floor of the Gulf with pipes from a surface ship to pump heavy mud down on the leaking wellhead. Pumping from the surface requires some of the most powerful pumps in the world.  They didn’t have enough mud.  Top Hat failed.  So has every other effort.

Most everyone in media, industry, government, and the scientific community has bought the BP point of view.  But there’s a much easier solution: kill the well. Drop something on the wellhead that weighs more than the 450-tons.  A large empty oil tanker ship might do.


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