Edwin Klockars Blacksmithing

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Ron Fredericks writes: A blacksmith in downtown San Francisco? Yes, there is one left and it’s still operational:

Edwin Klockars Blacksmithing
443 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA

There is an historic plaque located outside near the front door. It reads:

“Klockars’ Blacksmith Shop
Beginning in the 1860’s, foundries south of Market Street fabricated mining machinery, railroad cars, and ships. This 1912 machine shop is the last. Fred V. Wilbert forged fine tools here. Edwin A. Klockars (1898 – 1994), a native of Munsmo, Finland, joined Wilbert in 1928. His precision-made tools helped construct the Emperor Norton and Golden Gate Bridges and hundreds of ships during World War II. Still in production is [sic] his 1939 jam tongs that enable canning companies to clear convulsed conveyor carriers. Ed Klockars had one motto: “Anything you need, we make.” This shop still does.

Dedicated March 26, 6010 (2005)
Capitulus Redivivus Yerba Buena #1
Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus
Credo Quia Absurdum “

Note: Photos enhanced with photoshop and published here by Ron Fredericks of LectureMaker.

I parked by the Bay Bridge in San Francisco next to Rincon Park, just off the financial district.

I planned to walk over to BrightTALK for a meeting on using my event video and community “ringleader” services. Along the walk I could not believe it, in a building wedged between skyscrapers, and only 1 building away from the BrightTALK building, there it was. I stopped by to introduce myself and see if I could take a few pictures.

Google map of Edwin Klockars Blacksmithing in San Francsisco

As it turns out Tony, the current blacksmith at Klockars. is a friendly guy. Here is a a zoomify photo of him standing outside his shop.

Tony in front of his Blacksmith operation Edwin Klockars
Click on the little grey building several times to enlarge the view.

Local companies use Klockars as their hardware store, it seems. For the few minutes I was in Tony’s shop, I meet Zorik, a specialty camera maker for Grande Vitesse Systems (GVS). Tony allowed me to come inside and take a picture of this historic old blacksmithing shop while they talked.

Here is a photo of Zorik talking to Tony about making something for an upcoming project.

Inside Edwin Klockars Blacksmithing shop
Inside Edwin Klockars Blacksmithing


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