Mental Flexibility Workshop

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Ron Fredericks writes: as the C5 Area Governor for 2010-11, I am pleased to announce that the Toasters R Us Toastmasters club will be holding a workshop this coming Wednesday, May 4’th, 2011.

Workshop on Mental Flexibility

Key Speaker: Dr. Pieter Kark, ACS, ALG, Coach, Area C3 Governor 2008-9
Location: Synopsys, Inc., 455 North Mary Ave., Building #2, Room: Lovelace — Sunnyvale, CA
When: Wednesday, May 4’th, 2011 – from 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Cost: $5.00
Seating: 20 max
Extras: Light supper and soft drinks will be served


RSVP by contacting Stephen Buckhout
(650) 584-4754

What You Will Learn

  • Free yourself from unrecognized, subconscious, rigid attitudes
  • Interpret information in flexible, open-mined ways
  • Let go of snap judgments and labels that impede flexibility
  • Develop semantic (verbal) flexibility
  • Increase ability to think strategically, to have “conceptual fluency” and to think on your feet
  • Build proficiency with practice during the workshop


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Workshop Flyer

Author: Ron Fredericks

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