Workshop: How to Conduct Productive Meetings

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LectureMaker and Blue Cube Toastmasters Club are sponsoring a 1 hour workshop on how to conduct productive meetings Tuesday night June 7’th from 5:30pm to 7pm.

Why attend? Become a better speaker, be more proficient with your time, and be recognized as a leader within your organization.

Seating is limited, and registration is required for all attendees except Blue Cube Toastmasters members:

  • $6.11 per guest, advance registration through EventBrite
  • $10.00 per guest, at the door
  • Guests get $5.00 off if they join Blue Cube Toastmasters Club within one week


Video Introduction


Link to video


References used within the video:

Time is wasted in business meetings

Some links on site on “How to Conduct Better Meetings”


What You Get

Toastmasters Workshop Materials
You will learn how to prepare for a meeting, create a concise agenda, lead or participate in the three most common meeting types (give information, get information, and problem solving), how to conclude a meeting, how to build consensus during a meeting, as well as your own workbook and certificate of completion.
Are you FRUSTRATED by:

  • Meetings that don’t end on time
  • Action items that never get done
  • Lack of order or purpose
  • Inability to make decisions

Then this seminar is for you!


You will LEARN HOW to:

  • Create an agenda in 10 minutes
  • Maintain order and respect
  • Generate ideas
  • Resolve conflicts
  • End your meetings on time
  • Follow up effectively
  • And much more….


  • 5:30 pm Registration, Food, Networking
  • 6:00 pm Workshop begins
  • 7:00 pm Meeting ends

EventBrite Link:

LectureMaker Link:

Blue Cube Toastmasters Link:




Meeting Planning Worksheet






Special arrangements:




Meeting Opening Checklist


  1. Establish a friendly atmosphere
  2. Start on time
  3. Bring everyone up to date
  4. Open with an attention-getter
  5. Introduce the situation or problem
  6. State the purpose of the meeting
  7. Welcome the group
  8. Establish a method for discussion

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