Evaluate to Motivate – Speech Training

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LectureMaker Studio Training Series

LectureMaker’s video studio is a low cost alternative to building your own video studio. Our staff and equipment allow you to start creating your own online videos for business, marketing, sales, and training with confidence and quality.

Become a better speaker with speech evaluation

This training session allows you to quickly learn some professional speaking skills before coming into LectureMaker studio. You can also use this training video for self help programs such as Toastmasters speech evaluations, and for a quick overview before going on stage at your next event.

Topics discussed

1. There is a pattern to reuse when evaluating a presenter

2. Four different evaluation methods…

  • Sandwich: Supportive comment, Something to improve, Supportive comment
  • 3-2-1: 3 strong points, 2 areas of improvement, 1 stretch goal
  • GBB: Goodpoint, Better point, Best point, and
  • POSE: Positve point, Objective of speech, Suggestions for improvement, Encouraging note

3. Three different areas to where a speaker can improve…

  • Basic
  • Business Speech
  • Lecture filmed for TV or Video

4. Final notes: make sure to include suggestions on how to improve, not just what to improve

LectureMaker Studio Training
The Speech Evaluation Process

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Comment on YouTube Videos

Frank Caliendo’s Bush Impression

Frank Caliendo’s Bush Impression
When it comes to humor on president George W. Bush’s public speaking impediments, this is a great video. Watch this video to learn what president Bush does wrong, while learning more about Frank’s ability to generate humor through video.

The President’s Speech – A skit originally aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The President’s Speech
Mike Tyson takes on the role of a speech coach to help president George W. Bush get his lines right for a major event. The skit is a take-off of the recent award winning “The King’s Speech” movie. Mr. Tyson presents some relaxation techniques for President Bush before he goes on stage. The video is first rate and very funny.

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches – A skit originally aired on The David Letterman’s Late Show

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches
This video contrasts some of the greatest presidential speeches with some of President George W. Bushes worst moments. The video is useful as a reminder of the mistakes we should try to avoid in our own public speeches.



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One response to “Evaluate to Motivate – Speech Training”

  1. Bill Copeland Avatar

    This is a very entertaining video and it really gives valuable information on speech evaluation. The use of George Bush as the target of the evaluation converts, what might be a video with a limited audience, such as the Toastmasters Club, to a very entertaining one.

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