Category: Astronomy

  • Episode 3 – Faster-than-light Relativity of an Interstellar Traveler

    Example of a green screen portable studio production – film lectures like this at your own office…

  • Episode 2 – Questions about the Big Bang Theory

    This video uses LectureMaker’s speech coach, green screen studio videographer, special effects post production editor, and video hosting blog service. Bill Copeland released episode II of his Cosmology Project to promote a scientific revolution around the “steady state theory”.

  • Episode 1 – How Big Bang & Relativity Theories Limit Us

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] I want the Star Trek universe: An open infinite universe with faster than light travel. But current astrophysics describe a finite universe and a limit to speed of travel. Check out this video that summarizes the Big-Bang and Relativity theories. At the end you are invited to view the next two…

  • Happy New Year from Bill Copeland, 2011

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Happy New Year from LectureMaker’s Internet Video Studio LectureMaker’s science journalist, Bill Copeland, is ready to help you produce Internet video for your web site and your customer’s social media sites. To create short flexible videos like this one, go to the new design and purchase page

  • Book Interview with Bill Copeland: Cosmic Swan

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] The Cosmic Swan by Mr. Bill Copeland is a science fiction story with some great narative, unique story, and exciting references to Hindu culture and a fanciful astronomy. What follows is a book interview of the Cosmic Swan written by Bill Copeland by Ron Fredericks in LectureMaker’s sunnyvale video studio. The…

  • Lick Observatory Summer Visitor Program

    This documentary presents a visitor’s perspective of Lick Observatory’s Summer Visitor Program featuring Dr. Prochaska, an amateur astronomy sesson, and a tour along the way up Mount Hamilton.

  • Hot Star Leaves Dance

    [ad name=”Google Adsense 468_60″] Bill Copeland writes: You gotta watch this two-part video on HE 0437-5439: Part 1 – The Overview Part 2 – The Interview   It’s a totally new take on the life of stars.  A happy three-some of stars danced around the Milky Way Galaxy dance club for millions of years, but…