Episode 3 – Faster-than-light Relativity of an Interstellar Traveler

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In Episode 2 I argued for a universe infinite in space and time.  Even if that is true, we can’t have our Star Trek universe if it takes millions of years to cross the galaxy. The Theory of Relativity was developed on the tiny planet Earth. It depends on, assumes that, nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Ask: with respect to what? See if the following video opens your mind to faster-than-light travel.

Select the following links to review the first two Cosmology episodes.

Episode 1 – How Big Bang & Relativity Theories Limit Us

Episode 2 – Questions about the Big Bang Theory


Lorentz Transformation Revisited

gamma ~=~ 1/sqrt{1~-~nu^2/C^2}E ~=~ gamma m C^2 When an object is externally accelerated by some form of electro-magnetic (light) energy, such as a LINAC, the energy E required to increase its speed a given amount grows exponentially. Thus, according to this equation, the object cannot exceed the speed of light C, because light cannot push any faster than light.

As the object being pushed by light goes faster, it loses its coupling to the light pushing it.  However, if the object, including a spaceship is pushing itself, the ship remains 100% coupled to the energy pushing it.  Then the speed of the ship is only limited by fuel and navigation issues.

Comments on You Tube  & Other Video Sources

Space Shuttle Discovery’s Last Launch a Spectacular Sight

Discovery’s Last Launch
When it comes to great video on pushing a spacecraft into space, this is a great video. If you love to see the unbridled release of rocket flamage, the long sustained images of the last Shuttle Discovery launch are very satisfying.

Light Speed Animation, from Astronomical Object to Earth

Lightspeed Launch
I’ve looked for simulations of lightspeed travel. This is the closest I could find in YouTube. It’s not how I would visualize it. Objects toward which I am traveling should become progressively blue shifted until they disappear altogether. Of course my spacecraft will not hold its speed at lightspeed. It will continue to accelerate until my navigation database warns of a collision. What would I see then?

The Scientific Method Made Easy

Scientific Method
This video gives a common-sense explanation of the correct method of extending scientific knowledge, including the ten commandments of scientific research. It shows a lot of fun examples and is aimed at the high school physics student.

Scientific Knowledge: Civilogy

Blows my mind. Civilogy is apparently an effort to show the sum of knowledge in graphical form. The audio is a sped up voice that might be describing the images as they go by. Spock of Star Trek might be able to absorb the knowledge at this high speed.

Scott Lankton Forging Hot Iron

Red Hot
This is a cool blacksmith video about pounding red-hot iron. It gives a good sense of the maleability of iron and the music by Michael Franti & Spearhead moves it right along.

Separate Chaff From Grain

African villagers harvest grain, thresh it, and let the wind blow away the chaff. What remains is the grain. The chaff is like the hypotheses that do not stand up to testing against the facts. Beautiful images of people working together.

The Edwin Hubble-Red-Shift-Big-Bang-in-English-Accent Rap

Red shift
This video is most useful when it shows the equations and distance diagram derived from Edwin Hubble’s study of variable stars in distance galaxies. I can do without the cosmology rap singing.

Cosmic Journeys: How Large is the Universe?

Lovers of the stars and spacey images will enjoy this video. It gives an excellent summary of early astronomical understanding and brings us forward to the current theory of the Big Bang. While the voice has the resonance of authority, the following are purely speculative notions that help to prop up the Big Bang theory: a) energy fields embedded in the vacuum of space suddenly tipped into a higher energy state, causing space and time to literally inflate; b) the universe went from atomic size to cosmological size in an infinitesimal instant of time.
These are totally unsubstantiated and unsustainable assertions, and yet they are required to make the Big Bang theory work. They violate both the conservation of energy law and the speed of light law.

Newton’s Laws of Motion illustrated with 3D animations

Laws of Motion
This is an excellent and succinct summary of particle dynamics with vocabulary and graphics that are easy to understand.

Wagon Downhill Off Ramp

Pushing Wagon
I contend that learning and truly understanding physics has to start with experiences like these boys had with their wagon. You have to feel the motion, feel how hard you have to push, and feel what gravity does when the wagon falls out from under you.

Special Relativistic Dinamics (sic) Equations

Relativistic Equations
The speaker sounds incredibly bored. This is no way to sell physics. Technically, it’s a good summary of four-vector relativistic dynamics. The video is a series of equations and looks as though it originated in an old-fashioned slide show.

CERN: LHC Virtual Visit

Very fine graphics illustrate the design of the Large Hadron Collider. A noble English-accented voice explains what we see.

NASA | The Big Bang

This is a short, spectacular rendering of the current popular science theory of the origin of the universe. It lines up perfectly with “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” from the first Book of Moses, verse 1.

Broken Hill Dust Storm in Australia by Clunesley

Earth Dust

Follow the chatty couple as they happily travel along the Broken Hills highway.  Closer and closer the car speeds toward the dense brown wall of tumbling dust.  Without apparently slowing down, they plunge into the dust cloud where it is dark as midnight.   This dust storm video is one of the best.

Recently released image of the Carina Nebula as part of the 20th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope launch

Cosmic Dust

We jump from a dust storm in Australia to dust in space, where stars, planets, and the resources required for life are created.  This image resembles a raging horned beast of cosmic proportions emerging out of a maelstrom of stars, swirling dust and gas to plunge across the Milky Way.

This is one of my favorite pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  We come from such dust and return to that dust that recycles as the host for life and intelligence forever.

Hubble’s Expanding Universe Red Shifts the Big Bang by Acorvettes

Expanding Universe

I especially like the wiggling photons about two minutes into the video.  Here we see a very graphic animation of the red shift of a photon.

Doppler Shift of Train Bell by flarn2006

Train passing by in Delaware

If you like trains, you will like this video with the passage of a Norfolk Southern heavy diesel electric engine pulling a long load.  It approaches with flashing lights in the distance.  When the engine passes, you can distinctly hear the doppler shift in the bell tone – from high to lower.  Then the gondolas and tank cars pass with the full clackety-clack racket for over a minute.  What fun.

Description of Hubble’s Law by Wikipedia

Diagram of Hubble’s Law

This site describes Hubble’s Law/Constant and shows a succinct graphic representation.

Atomic Bomb Explosion by guidewiki


This is a 38 second video of a real atomic bomb blast. It starts with the serene beauty of the desert, then the flash, and finally the hot mushroom cloud pushing up into the viscous resisting air.

Blowing up beer bottle by Hallosam


This is a cool 20-second video of boys blowing up a beer bottle with a fire cracker. The bang and splat at the end demonstrate valuable information about explosions.

Mapping the earliest light in the Universe by FigBranchcom

Curvy and Clumpy

This four-minute video describes the WMAP space probe that first mapped the Cosmic Background Microwave energy distribution across the sky.   Excellent first quality animations by the NASA/WMAP team give a somewhat technical summary of the project.

Hubble Deep Field by sxi

Dark Matter

This video simply pans through the a Hubble Deep Field image with gentle music.  While it was not the point of the video, one can image looking for dark matter in space as far back as we can look, and still not find it.  Never has been found.  Won’t be.

Beyond Einstein Stevie Bd1

Dark Energy

Einstein expected his mathematics would show that the universe was infinite, flat, and timeless.  In this video modern astrophysicists promote their view that Einstein was wrong, and go on to explain their fairy tale story about what powered the Big Bang, what happens on the edge of a black hole, and finally build a totally unsubstantiable case for dark energy.  The graphics are wonderful and compelling, but the billions of dollars spent on proving the unprovable seriously crimp the manned space program.  In the end, I think Einstein was closer to the actionable cosmology.

The Hubble Deep Field:The most important image ever taken by tdarnell

Deep and Important

The universe matters, is full of matter, goes on forever, and this well-scripted video presentation of one of the deepest images ever made remind us of those facts.

Spacetime Curvature by Wikimedia Commons

Earth Warps Space

Looks like the Earth is resting in a grid covered blanket on a soft bed.

Sun Power by OneRina

Sun Licks Space

This is an incredibly compelling video montage of images from the NASA Solar and Heliospheric Spacecraft (SOHO).  We had no idea our Sun was so actively boiling and throwing out tongues of plasma into space.

X-ray Physics: Compton Effect by mtmmk51

Animated Compton Effect

This is a very straightforward illustration of X-ray photons bouncing off an atom.

Plasma MHD-VORTEX-PLASMA Demo by gilbondfac

Live Plasma

This video show beautiful images of live lavender-colored plasma recorded in a lab at the Université d’Orléans.

Cosmic Journeys: How large is the universe:by SpaceRip

Photon Trip

This video is a fairly long and detailed story of the history of our understanding of cosmology.  The history is valuable, and it is filled with great graphics, photos, and computer-generated simulated views of the creation myth as told by modern cosmologists.  Astrophysicists and the universe are greatly inflated.

Light speed animation by ESA/Hubble


This is a spectacular animation of flying from some distant part of the galaxy to earth. Someday we won’t return.

Starry Night Backyard Videos

This software package was used often in the course of producing Episode 3 by using the “Make Movie …” feature of the application.  Videos were created of  flying by the Milky Way, moving through star scenes, and other astronomical scenes.  This software package is, for the money, about the best astronomical application for learning and setting up observation plans.

Andromeda Galaxy Picture

The spectacular clear image of the Andromeda galaxy was made available by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) Image Gallery.

Comet Image From Cosmic Swan

This image was created by Olaf Folta.  It was created to be used on the dust cover of the book, Cosmic Swan, by Bill Copeland.

View Down Stanford Linear Accelerator Tunnel

This image is of the long tunnel holding the Stanford Linear Accelerator.  It was made available in a press release, “May 5, 2010 – First X-ray Laser’s Early Success Brings Approval for Next-phase Facility”.

Animation of The Large Hadron Collider

This is a spectacular animation of the technology involved in the LHC at the European Organization for Nuclear Research.  I particularly like how it starts out with a bottle of hydrogen, and shows the stages that strip off electrons, acceleration of protons, and then how they are split into two streams,  going in opposite directions, and slammed together to see what they get.

Stearman Biplane Video

This is a delightful color movie of a Stearman Biplane Flight at low altitude over a forest.

P-51 Video

This is very fine video of the flight of a World War II era P-51 aircraft from the collection, “Legends of Flight: Stearman Biplane Flying Sequence”.  This was provided by k2communications.

F-18 Hornet Breaking Sound Barrier

This is a great photo showing the moment the sound barrier is broken.  It is U.S. Navy footage/video was taken by Ensign John Gay, U.S. Navy.  The plane is ringed by the condensation created by the overpressure.

NASA Solar Sail

This is an artist’s rendering of the solar sail.  It originated in the chat on NASA’s “Ask an Expert” page.

NASA Launch of Juno Mission to Jupiter

The Juno Atlas 5 rocket carrying the Jupiter studying satellite roars to space on its 5 year long journey to the Jovian system. Lift-off occurred at 12:25 pm EDT, August 5, 2011. Juno is the mythical wife of Jupiter so the mission to Jupiter might be construed as his wife coming home.
Credit: NASA

This is one of the best videos of a rocket launch ever.  From the clouds of vapor and fire at launch pad to flameage way down range, you get to see one of the biggest rockets in the American rocket stable do its stuff.


The Bell X-1 was the first of many X planes developed to push the theory and practice of aircraft development.  The was a joint NACAU.S. Army/US Air Force supersonic research project built by Bell Aircraft.  It was the first to break the sound barrier with Chuck Yeager at the controls.
Credit: Wikipedia.

It was no accident that the general shape of the Bell X-1 resembled a .45 caliber bullet.Like a .45 caliber bullet______________________________________

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