ACM Data Mining Camp 2009

Ron Fredericks writes: The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Machine Learning / Data Mining Camp event had a full house. The video presented here attempts to capture both the content and the excitement surrounding this event. Use the table presented below to learn more about the video’s content. Use your mouse to highlight topics presented by our moderator, Dr. Hoffman, and her panel of experts. Click on the dots, once the content has loaded, to jump directly to this content. Post comments related to this event or the online eMedia itself.

The event was moderated by:

The expert panel was represented by:

The Video

ACM Data Mining Camp Expert Panel Discussion with Q&A
March 20’th 2010, held at eBay San Jose CA
Note: video has been retired and is seeking a sponsor for edits and reposting for public viewing: Contact Ron Fredericks if you are interested:

Products Referenced

Use these links to jump to publications discussed by the expert panel

Ensemble Methods in Data Mining: Improving Accuracy Through Combining Predictions (Synthesis Lectures on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery)

Giovanni Seni (Author), John Elder (Author), Robert Grossman (Series Editor)

Learning MySQL [Paperback]

Seyed M.M. (Saied) Tahaghoghi (Author), Hugh Williams (Author)

Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL, 2nd Edition [Paperback]

Hugh E. Williams (Author), David Lane (Editor)

Navigating the Video’s Time Line

Have you noticed all those red naviagtion dots embedded into LectureMaker’s video player? These dots allow a viewer to quickly get a sense of what content is included in the video.

“I usually regret when people ask me to watch online video because I just don’t know if my time will be well spent – especially a long video – so I added these red dot hot navigation spots to put online video back on Internet time” – said Ron Fredericks, designer of LectureMaker’s video player.

With these navigation dots, the nature of “Watch my video” has really changed for the better!

Here is a list of navigation dots embedded into this video.  This may help you quickly find content of interest in this video.

Table 1: Navigation embedded into this video (red dots, a.k.a. bread crumbs)

0 0% Introduce Dr. Patricia Hoffman, Applied Mathematics & Machine Learning
0:36 1.12% Introduce Dr. Ted Dunning, Chief Technology Officer at DeepDyve
1:08 2.00% TD: What makes a good data mining modeling opportunity (intro missed)?
2:50 5.23% Introduce Mr. Joseph B. Rickert\nRevolution Computing
3:16 6.02% JR: Can you compare and contrast data mining vs statistical analysis?
7:30 13.84% Introduce Dr. Giovanni Seni\nElder Research & Santa Clara University
8:01 14.65% GS: How do ensemble methods improve the accuracy of predictions?
10:16 18.92% Introduce Dr. Michael Walker\nStanford University & Walker Bioscience
11:09 20.40% MW: Machine learning & data mining in bio-tech & pharmaceuticals
12:66 23.78% Introduce Dr. Hugh Williams: eBay VP, Search Engine & Buyer Experience
13:37 25.08% RW: How does eBay search for items from the longtail?
16:40 30.71% Introduce Dr. Mike Bowles: Startups, Data Mining, & Quantitative Finance
16:58 31.23% MB: How do you use data mining for automated trading systems?
18:59 34.92% Introduce Mr. Greg Makowski\nPrincipal Consultant, Golden Data Mining
19:25 35.66% GM: How do you use SAS Enterprise Miner tool for fraud analysis?
20:40 38.04% MW: Has data mining been used to enhance personalized medicine?
23:11 42.70% TD: How do corporations take advantage of data mining?
25:30 46.98% MW: How can we use current tools to model biological systems?
27:32 50.73% MB: Can you elaborate on use of data mining tools to build trading models?
29:28 54.28% TD: What methods do you use to compare technical text data vs. other text?
32:45 60.33% GS: How can a data mining model be built to be more scalable and reusable?
36:45 67.81% JR/TD: What training can help statisticians move into data mining field?
41:18 76.17% TD: Is there value in mining household electricity and natural gas data?
44:36 82.14% GM/TD/GS: How would you approach a rare event target with data mining tools?
47:57 88.31% TD: Can Machine Leaning be augmented with text mining?
49:59 92.06% JR/MB: Do you see convergence between statistical analysis and data mining?
53:00 97.61% Audience Follow-up: household data collection of electricity and natural gas
54:09 99.63% Credits

Deep-Pixel Event Photograph

The seating area was completely full as attendees listened to the data mining expert panel.

The snapshot presented here shows LectureMaker’s high-definition portable broadcast video studio with two seperate video cameras and several other media sources. Two studio lights are seen on either side of the panel discussion table to help reduce video noise.

ACM Data Mining Camp Event held at eBay, San Jose – the snapshot

Event references

For details on the event, check on these two links:

SF Bay Area ACM Event web page

ACM Data Mining Camp Event LinkedIn web page

ACM Data Mining Camp Event Photos and Review by DJ Cline

If you are a presenter

There are several breakout sessions after the initial panel discussion. If you are a presenter for one of the breakout sessions please post a comment with your email address (not pubic) to this blog post so I can coordinate with you in advance

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  1. Roland Chow says:

    Hi Ron – I am a representative from SAS. Was wondering if there is still time to coordinate the recording of my session. If not, no worries. But if there’s still time – please let me know what I would need to do to make it happen. Also – is there a cost involved to record the session? Thanks very much. Roland Chow. 415-694-3361.

  2. admin says:

    The Expert Panel with Q&A video moderated by Dr. Hoffman is now complete and posted on this page. Feel free to post comments or questions related to the ACM event videos as they are posted here. I will be moderating the comments.

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