Marketing Is Broken, Influencers Can Fix It

Ron Fredericks writes: Companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP have demonstrated the fantastic value derived from their influencer ecosystems. Nick Hayes in a lecture at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club shows attendees just how they too can identify and leverage significant value from the diverse individuals who influence decision-makers in their ecosystems.

Thanks to Barbara French and Nick Hayes of Influencer50, I was able to capture and post Nick’s lecture as a video (below). I would also like to thank the San Francisco Commonwealth Club’s team for making video setup and tear-down so easy.

Nick Hayes Presents – the video
Note: video has been retired and is seeking a sponsor for edits and reposting for public viewing: Contact Ron Fredericks if you are interested:

Like the lecture? Get the book:
Influencer Marketing: Who Really Influences Your Customers?

I took the snapshot, shown below, during the Commonwealth Club event itself. It’s an extreme wide-angle shot taken with lots of extra megapixels. Nick Hayes and Kevin O’Malley are addressing the audience during the final round of Q & A . Barbara French managed to completely fill the event to standing-room-only capacity. LectureMaker’s portable video broadcast station can also be seen in action near the bottom of the photo as well. You can zoom in and navigate around this photo by clicking and dragging with your mouse. [Note: the photo repaints itself into sharp focus in a few seconds after each change in perspective.]

Nick Hayes Presents – the snapshot

San Francisco Commonwealth Club – Event
Wednesday May 20’th starting at 5:30pm
Commonwealth Club’s welcome page

Nick Hayes – Event Speaker
A marketing pioneer, international business strategist, author and speaker. His expertise and vision in influencer strategies has landed Hayes as an advisor to the Fortune 500. He is founder and president of Influencer50, an influencer identification and engagement management company based in San Francisco. He is the author of Influencer Marketing: Who Really Influences Your Customers?

Not sure how to get to this meeting? Then maybe you will find this little movie helpful:
Driving to the Commonwealth Club

Barbara French – Event Organizer
An expert on influencer relations, including identifying top influencers and engaging with them by building mutually beneficial relationships, creating influencer programs and transitioning from internally driven to influencer-led marketing. Barbara is the president & managing editor at Tekrati Inc and senior consultant at Influencer50.

Kevin O’Malley – Event Host
With an international background in cross-cultural communications and linguistics, Kevin O’Malley applies unique training and coaching skills and partnership building to the world of corporate speaking and events. Kevin is one of the principles at
TechTalk / Studio

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